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Thank you for coming to Veryone Technology !  We are a group of young people team who shoulder the mission of the times, dare to practice the spirit of craftsmanship, and aim to promote technological innovation and shoulder a high-quality mission. We do not blindly pursue the interests, but more with professionalism, meticulous, excellence and innovation, and the spirit of service to win the public praise and establish an image. We are a team to bring the blueprint of dreams to reality.
Welcome to learn about us and how we can cooperate. Professional and unique insights, integrated into every detail of manufacturing, and integrated into a terminal solution, making the product design concept a final reality. We enjoy every such process, and we are honored that our customers can choose us to participate in such a process, let the ideal sunshine into reality and witness the miracle.
Guangdong Veryone Technology Co.,Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Veryone Group, specializes in the research and development, production and marketing of thermoplastic elastomers including TPE/ TPR/ TPU/ TPV/ TPEE and so on, has independent research and development brand VERYONE®. We persevere in building this high-tech enterprise of self-innovation, energy-efficiency and environmental-friendliness, put production and quality under the most rigid control in order to produce each granule of production.Welcome to explore Veryone, the future has come. We choose to practice on the ground compared to expectation; we are more focused on how to go farther than going far. Because of dreams, heart and soul we measure the world, make changes, stick to small but beautiful beliefs, provide firmly the best solutions to our customers.

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